How Often Will I Get A Cold Sore?

Cold sore, canker sore or fever blister is likely to be considered as nuisance in nature. Once it starts to flare up, it will completely compel you with its annoying itchiness, tingling, and burning sensation around your lips, inside your mouth and even at your genitals. Considering all these … [Read more...]

Cold Sore Creams

Cold sore is also known as fever blister, a painful blister filled with fluid that is usually seen on or around your lips in which distinguishes them from canker sore that usually breaks out inside the mouth. Cold sore creams are readily available to gain quick control over the outbreak. These … [Read more...]

Does Ice Really Help in Treating Cold Sore?

Does ice really help in treating cold sore?A lot of questions and answers have been thrown all around regarding the effectiveness of ice in the treatment and management of cold sore. The usage of ice as a treatment modality has seen its spot in the myths and facts about cold sore.  Now it is time to … [Read more...]

The Cold Sore Virus Facts

Cold sores are a contagious disease caused by both Herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) and type 2 (HSV-2) from the herpesviridae family. The classification of each is based on the site of infection. The mouth is most common location to get cold sores; while the eyes and genitals may also be … [Read more...]